Ride A Real Robot Arm In VR

Ride A Real Robot Arm In VR

VR storytelling platform, Novo Reality, will showcase its revolutionary motion ride technologies at The Future of Storytelling Festival next month. After years of development, research and testing, Novo Reality has decided to debut the one-of-a-kind experience at this premier event, allowing it to leave its secure facility for the first time since its inception.

“It’s the next chapter in storytelling. It’s a new, more immersive way to experience stories than ever before," said Justin Meltzer, Founder and CEO of Novo Reality. "It’s always been a dream of mine to push the boundaries of creative entertainment through technology. Now that it’s possible to step foot inside the story, I wanted to expand beyond VR’s current limitations so that viewers could also move through the story."


Theme Park

Justin conceived of Novo Reality when he first tried the Oculus DK2 virtual reality headset. “It felt like a theme park to me - it hit me on an emotional level. I tried an experience with a little more motion to it, just like a theme park ride, and I instantly got sick. It turns out the best way to enable motion in VR is with a robotic arm that can hurl or gently float you through space.”

The Novo Reality system is a 9-ton robotic arm that can move human passengers in six degrees of freedom imparting up to 3g’s (gravitational force) of acceleration. The ride has a 33-foot diameter range and can reach up to 30 feet in height. The physical motion of the robotic arm is perfectly synchronized with the movement in the virtual world, eliminating motion sickness and creating an experience that can be found nowhere else on Earth. FoST, the industry’s leading media event focused around innovative multi-sensory storytelling experiences, is the perfect venue for Novo Reality’s debut.


Breaking Out Of Two Dimensions

"At the Future of StoryTelling Festival we explore how storytelling is breaking out of the two dimensions of the printed page or the rectangular screen and moving us into full-body 3D immersive experiences,” said Charles Melcher, Founder of FoST. “Novo Reality has created a groundbreaking work that is one part story and one part adventure ride. We are incredibly honored to be able to partner with them to premiere their work to the public at FoST Fest.”

Novo Reality will premiere its 2-minute original short film that revolves around a loveable robot in a hectic construction zone struggling to make it to work on time. Guests will experience first hand the 6 degrees of motion that take VR stories to a whole new level.


FoST takes place over three days from Oct 6-8th in NYC and Novo Reality will be located in the Story Arcade. Tickets to FoST Festival can be purchased here.

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