Get Inside Music In VR

Get Inside Music In VR

A new WebVR experience gives users the chance to understand how songs are put together in different layers. Inside Music is a collaboration between Google and Song Exploder, a popular music podcast.

The experience uses spatial audio to locate individual instruments or vocal performances in a 360 degree soundstage around the user’s central position. Changing orientation moves the audio position so you can easily hear individual elements. Headphones are recommended.


What A Turn-off

Inside Music also enables users to turn channels on and off in real-time, so you can easily isolate individual elements or remix the track on the fly. This is a great way for non-musicians to understand how songs are put together from various elements, as it can be hard for people with no musical training to focus on one instrument. OK, this isn’t Pro Logic – or even Garageband – but it’s so much easier to use than conventional music software.

At launch, the experience features six artists that includes Phoenix, Perfume Genius, Natalia Lafourcade, Ibeyi, Alarm Will Sound, and Clipping. No, us neither.

Since Inside Music uses WebVR, the content can be accessed both from within the user’s headset of choice or on a conventional monitor.The code is open-source so that people who make music can create new interactive experiments.



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