MakeVR Pro Improves 3D Modelling In VR

MakeVR Pro Improves 3D Modelling In VR

Vive Studios and Sixense, launched MakeVR Pro on Viveport today. The VR content creation experience houses an industry-standard professional CAD engine that enables advanced 3D object modeling within VR. MakeVR Pro features new precision functionality for creators that increase accuracy and detail of 3D projects, helping meet the needs of professional 3D designers.

The addition of MakeVR Pro today adds new tools to MakeVR (released in March) for the precision alignment of objects using grids and rulers, jigs, snapping, surface tracking, and mirroring. These tools allow anyone, regardless of their age or experience level, to create solid-model content with positional and rotational accuracy.

HTC intends the software as a showcase for Virtual Reality as a natural, powerful, and progressive medium for 3D object modeling. MakeVR Pro bridges the gap between virtual and real workshops with the ability to export standard object files for 3D printing, with direct links from within the app to Shapeways, the online 3D printing service.


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“This new layer of precision, combined with Vive’s room-scale technology, paves the way for MakeVR Pro to become the primary 3D object modeling tool for professionals,” said Joel Breton, GM of Vive Studios. “Users can now manipulate objects with increased precision to take advantage of the fidelity and space that VR allows, much like the way carpenters and machinists work in their real-world shops”.

Amir Rubin, Co-founder and CEO of Sixense said, “While still a simple and intuitive solution to use, we wanted to ensure that MakeVR Pro provides anyone the ability to create content with precision and accuracy. Our collaboration with Vive Studios has made for a professional-grade creativity experience that provides a powerful yet easy way, for people ranging from 3D print enthusiasts to industry professionals, to build precision models while immersed in a virtual environment”.


MakeVR Pro is now available on Viveport for £27.84.

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