NVIDIA Demos Multi-User VR System

NVIDIA Demos Multi-User VR System

NVIDIA has built a multi-user VR system based around four NVIDIA Quadro P6000 GPUs running four virtual machines on a PC server as a proof of concept exercise. The system is able to power four HTC Vive Business Edition headsets all from a single box. Showcased at this week’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC), up to four people can use VR in the same physical space.

Obviously of interest for Location Based Entertainment and gaming, NVIDIA also suggests its potential to conduct meetings or collaborate on a project. As a one-box system, it would be easier to transport and quicker to set up than multiple PCs, as well as requiring less space.

“The possibilities are endless,” said Tom Kaye, a senior solutions architect at NVIDIA who helped develop the system. “With the addition of remote management and reliability features, such as multiple templates, clone on boot and remote rebuilds, we could see system builders working to create a robust, ready-to-deploy multi-user VR appliance.”


Build Your Own

If you want to build your own multi-user VR system, you can request the design guide from NVIDIA here.


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