MakeVR Launches On Viveport Today

MakeVR Launches On Viveport Today

Vive Studios, the VR content development and publishing initiative from HTC VIVE, and Sixense, a global leader in motion tracking and VR content, launched MakeVR today on Viveport  for $19.99.

Developed by Sixense, MakeVR is an industry standard professional CAD engine that brings advanced 3D object modeling to VR. With an interface based on natural two-handed motions, the app uses Vive’s room-scale VR to give creators a virtual space to explore and design objects.

“MakeVR is a first-of-its-kind advanced creativity app for VR,” said Joel Breton, Head of Vive Studios. “We recognise how the intuitive and immersive environment of VR will revolutionise digital modeling. We worked with Sixense to create MakeVR as an accessible yet advanced creativity app for Vive where room-scale VR gives creators a virtual workshop, and the use of natural physical motions brings unprecedented expressiveness and intuitiveness to object design.”


Create In VR, Build IRW

MakeVR also bridges the gap between virtual and real workshop with direct export of standard object files for 3D printing. Vive claims that experienced makers and modelers can harness the efficiency of MakeVR’s 3D multi-touch interface ‘to explore and create objects in ways that are more powerful and expressive than using traditional mouse and keyboard or touch on a flat screen’. Users can export object files in standard formats compatible with other 3D modeling software or send them directly for 3D printing from within VR. MakeVR also has direct links from within the app to Shapeways, the online 3D printing service.

"Shapeways is excited about the launch of MakeVR because it will help lower the barrier of entry for people to try their hand at 3D design,” said Pete Weijmarshausen, CEO of Shapeways.”With cutting-edge tools like MakeVR, it becomes more intuitive and perhaps fun for people to express what they want through 3D modeling, and we're incredibly proud to connect MakeVR to our platform and enable the creative process with Shapeways' services."

With MakeVR, you can design your Smartphone cheese case in VR to print for real. Grate!

Go Pro (Later)

The version of MakeVR launching today is introducing a highly advanced freeform modeling tool in VR for designers and makers. Vive Studios and Sixense are planning to release MakeVR Pro later this year, adding precision tools as well as features based on user feedback.

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