The World’s Largest VR Library Of Real World Places

The World’s Largest VR Library Of Real World Places

Immersive technology company Matterport has launched CoreVR, adding VR support to any Matterport 3D Space. CoreVR has been activated for over 250,000 existing 3D Spaces free of charge and will be free for any 3D Space created through 2016. This release represents over £3.8M, vastly increasing the amount of VR content available to the world.


Cardboard, Gear And 3D Showcase

You can view samples of this content via apps for Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR, with an example gallery of 150 real world places. Support will be added for additional VR platforms in the future, while the remaining places are accessible in VR via 3D Showcase.

"Like any new platform, VR needs content to grow, and with the new CoreVR option, Matterport delivers a huge library of real-world VR content and the most effective and scalable option to allow anyone to create a VR experience of a space," said Bill Brown, CEO of Matterport. “Matterport is excited to bring this capability to its thousands of camera owners and to millions of consumers visiting Matterport Spaces. We believe in the power of VR to help us achieve our vision of giving people the power to experience any place at any time.”

CoreVR will cost £14.50 per new 3D space from 2017.

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