Pimax to unveil its 'VR 3.0' virtual reality technology at annual Frontier conference

Pimax to unveil its 'VR 3.0' virtual reality technology at annual Frontier conference

VR hardware firm Pimax Innovation, will unveil a combination of technology that enables convincing immersive experiences through what it's calling, 'VR 3.0'. The announcement will take place during the annual Pimax Frontier Conference event this coming Monday, October 25th at 10:00 PDT/18:00 UK time. You can register for the conference here

Technology conferences usually focus on announcing specific product launches and technical specifications, but at this event, Pimax will bring to market a new concept called VR 3.0. With this next generation of virtual reality, Pimax plans to produce technology that leads users everywhere into the Metaverse era. Pimax is already well known for its VR headsets with high resolution, wide FOV and high refresh rates of its products.

At the Frontier Conference, Pimax will discuss its upcoming 2022 roadmap and other technical innovations that will appear in headsets in the near future. The conference will also include presentations from important Pimax partners such as Tobii (industry leader in eye tracking technology).

Two years in the making

The Pimax Frontier Conference will publicly unveil the technical advances Pimax engineering teams have been endeavoring to achieve for more than two years. VR 3.0 will focus on three points, 'Naturalness, freedom and self-awareness'.

In addition to the new hardware reveal, Pimax's ecosystem will also be discussed at this conference. The Pimax store will introduce VR content providers as partners such as iRacing and others. Pimax Studio, established by Pimax for rapid ecosystem development, will also introduce a series of developer support initiatives.

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