Current VR tech is "relatively primitive" and "expensive," says Oculus creator

Current VR tech is "relatively primitive" and "expensive," says Oculus creator

Palmer Luckey, creator of the Oculus Rift VR headset, has admitted in a recent interview with Gamespot that virtual reality - as it currently exists - is merely a "pretty expensive, relatively primitive proof of concept."

However, as the interview progressed, he was keen to clarify that virtual reality has the potential to be near-ubiquitous when it improves technologically and becomes a better value proposition for consumers.

"Eventually, the cost will be so low and the quality will be so high, and the breadth of content will be so wide that it's almost impossible to imagine anyone but the most diehard luddite saying, 'I have no use for virtual reality'," he said.

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"In the long-run, it's impossible to stop [VR]. At some point, technology will advance to the point where VR comes along for free," he went on.

This is a situation we're not all that distant from, following Google's affordable entry into the VR market with Cardboard.

But while it's not a mass market proposition yet - Luckey adds that we want our VR experiences to be at the level "where science-fiction depicts it," an impossible expectation at this stage - he adds "it is inevitable that it will become better."

By Luckey's own admission, then, the first consumer model of the Oculus Rift - scheduled for early 2016 - is a niche product, a step towards a world in which VR is the norm but by no means the end of that journey.

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