The early pioneers of VR have the best opportunity to win big, says Oculus' Rubin

The early pioneers of VR have the best opportunity to win big, says Oculus' Rubin

Speaking at CES 2015, Jason Rubin, president of worldwide studios at Oculus, has said that the VR space is ripe for a small, passionate team to capitalise on the public interest surrounding it.

Likening the current position of virtual reality to the early days of smartphone and Facebook gaming - which were quickly dominated by Rovio and Zynga respectively - Rubin notes the most important factor in success is getting there first.

“There is a huge interest in VR right now,” Rubin said.

“The early movers do really well in these situations because they fail, and they learn how to do the right thing on the second or third attempt.”

David and Goliath

The Oculus exec was also keen to point out that the big-name studios are rarely the first off the mark in untested areas like VR, primarily due to being too unwieldy and risk-averse.

“There is also a lot of big teams that have fallen by the wayside... by the time the big companies that are looking at a number of assets they can deploy to make various games, and they say there is a zero install base in VR right now, we need to focus on other (things).”

“They will miss it, they always do,” he adds. “But it will be the littler smaller teams... those are the ones I am looking for, who are excited about figuring it out.”

[source: Geekwire]

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