Meta gives new Reality Labs grant to Godot Game Engine

Date Type Companies involved Size
January 17th, 2022 investment Meta Not disclosed
Meta gives new Reality Labs grant to Godot Game Engine

The Godot Engine project is receiving a new grant from Meta's Reality Labs to support work on the XR capabilities of the engine. This renews Reality Labs' engagement to support the free and open-source game engine, after a first grant in December 2020.

This grant will enable the company to continue work on providing a high-quality, free and open-source all-in-one solution for AR and VR applications. Ongoing work includes improvements to the software and adding OpenXR functionality to support more devices.

The company explains that its editor is in essence a game in itself, which it plans to capitalise on by bringing the editing experience into XR. This should improve workflow by reducing the need to switch between desktop and during development, but might also effect change to level design through improved spatial awareness.

Godot is already able to run the editor in a browser, with the intent to have this functionality run on standalone devices such as the Meta Quest.

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