AR startup brings art to the NFT metaverse with PHASE MN:01 Mirror

AR startup brings art to the NFT metaverse with PHASE MN:01 Mirror

The Augmented Reality startup company Anima is working to bridge the gap between blockchain, NFTs, AR and art with its new collaboration with the street artist – Demsky.

The collaborative project itself revolves around PHASE MN:01 Mirror, a collection of 8,888 unique AR NFTs. As part of its initial reservation period, users can reserve up to 15 editions, with each costing around $200. While the reservations are set at a maximum, they only increase your chances of taking part; with reservations being selected at random to take part.

So what makes these Mirror NFTs so interesting? In contrast with other NFTs we’ve reported on; which have a direct utility to gameplay, Anima’s Mirror NFTs have their own interesting use.

Anima: Exploring the Globe Evolves Mirrors

In a similar way to Pokémon Go and the Bitcoin-backed Fold, Mirror NFTs interact with the real world via Augmented Reality. One way that it does differ from those two is that there’s a direct benefit for players to travel and display their Mirror NFT.

Developed within Ethereum using Palm, players will be dropped coordinates for 10 locations worldwide. For the moment, these locations remain a secret, but visiting any of them will have a permanent impact on the way their NFT appears to them and on blockchain.

According to the team’s website, the more a user travels, the more their own unique mirror will ‘evolve’, along with providing rewards for doing so:

“Each location visited by a Mirror activates it, changing its appearance and generation up to 8 times. Explorers who record and share their activations will become a prominent part of the history of PHASE:MN and will receive special rewards.”

Once a player has travelled and changed their NFTs, they can choose to keep hold of it, or sell it on the marketplace; with each secondary sale providing the artist with a 10% royalty.

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