Octi launches social AR platform that rewards user content with NFTs

Octi launches social AR platform that rewards user content with NFTs

A new app launched yesterday that claims to be, "The world's first augmented reality social platform that merges reality with the metaverse," Octi. Somebody get Snap on the line…

Combining camera and AR technology, Octi places the creator as their own avatar in the metaverse. Everyone can access an ever-expanding library of items to try on and play with, virtual collectibles from their favorite franchises to show off, and immersive worlds. Octi lowers the barrier to entry for creating compelling content for the vast majority of users who consume, but don't post.

Sharing and earning

Octi rewards creators with virtual and physical goods, offering access to thousands of dynamic objects and scenes that allow them to create content. All Octi creators can interact with the community and earn virtual Octi Coins that can be used to buy digital items in the Octi Shop and physical products directly from their favorite brands.

Users can also earn coins by interacting with the community and completing themed challenges. The Octi Shop will add new objects and scenes daily, and users can even earn coins for importing their favorite things from the real world, from toys to art to sneakers. The owner can also import their NFTs, generating more exposure and value for the asset. Most importantly, every item is free to use when creating content, and object owners earn more coins as their objects grow in popularity.

By building the platform on a commerce revenue model rather than a traditional advertising model, and using Apple's trusted login feature for registration, Octi creates a more accountable and privacy-conscious environment for users.

Brand partners benefit from collaborating with Octi by building hype and releasing exclusive products digitally, unveiling their latest merchandise, and gaining valuable market insight without shipping a single item. Creators can use their exclusive access to integrate never-before-seen items into their videos before they physically exist.

The ultimate creative metaverse

"Now more than ever, the world needs a social channel that provides an immersive and engaging playground - an antidote to tired social channels that traffic in personal information and distort users' self-image," said Justin Fuisz, founder and CEO of Octi. "We are building Octi to be the ultimate creative metaverse, with a business model based on community engagement and meaningful rewards instead of vapid 'likes'".

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