iQIYI launches new all-in-one VR headset QIYU 3

iQIYI launches new all-in-one VR headset QIYU 3

Chinese online entertainment service iQIYI has launched its latest flagship virtual reality (VR) headset, the QIYU 3. The event was live-streamed to millions of consumers via XR and showcased hardware features as well as free games for the device.

The headset features dual screens that have been designed specifically for VR. With two RGB sub-pixel arrangement-based Fast LCDs, the device has a claimed resolution of 4320 x 2160, making it true 4K+ at native resolution with HDR support.

The refresh rate can still reach 90Hz with the support of two built-in display driver chips. The QIYU 3 is powered by Qualcomm Technologies' Snapdragon XR2, coupled with 8GB DDR4 RAM and a proprietary Q-Light-powered 6DoF interactive system, which enables head-hand 6DoF spatial positioning and 'millimeter-level' positioning precision for controllers.

And in a move that will make big-headed Quest 2 users envious, the QIYU 3 is supported by continuous pupillary distance adjustment technology that can be adjusted from 58mm to 72mm.

Early adopters will receive 30 free unspecified games, with more to follow monthly. Among the first titles available for the QIYU 3 will include familiar hits such as Arizona Sunshine, Mercenary 2: Silicon Rising and All-In-One Sports VR.

The QIYU 3 features Dual 4K+ screens and head-hand 6DOF

Unbounded possibilities

Commenting on the launch, Xiong Wen, CEO of the Company's VR subsidiary iQIYI Intelligence said, "In the real world, everyone has unattainable dreams. But the VR world allows us to easily fulfill dreams such as growing wings and flying or meeting with departed loved ones. This is the charm of the Metaverse. Our mission is to create a virtual world of unbounded possibilities for our users. We still have a long way to go, and QIYU 3 is a great start."

QIYU 3 will be available in China from September 3rd.

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