Bait! Lands 2m Downloads

Bait! Lands 2m Downloads

Resolution Games' Gear VR fishing game Bait! has surpassed two million downloads. “The two million players milestone is an important reminder about the potential of mobile VR,” said CEO Tommy Palm. “Its affordability and convenience has the greatest potential to make virtual reality accessible to the general consumer. And, we’re very excited to see numbers like these so early on in the industry.”


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A recent update to the Gear VR version of Bait! has also introduced support for the recently-released Gear VR controller, which opens doors to developers in terms of control schemes. “We will always be proud to have been one of the earliest developers on the Gear VR platform,” Palm added.

“However, those early days had one major limitation: there wasn’t a controller that players could hold and bring into the virtual world. Bait! was designed to excel within these limitations, but as we’re sure our players with Gear VR controllers will agree, fishing feels so much more natural with a rod in your hand.”


The mobile VR-focused studio, headed up by former King Games Guru Tommy Palm, originally launched Bait! on Samsung's platform in May 2016. It also came to Google Daydream in January 2017.


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