King's Games Guru Tommy Palm leaves to set up VR developer

King's Games Guru Tommy Palm leaves to set up VR developer

Tommy Palm - the figurehead for Candy Crush Saga’s global success - has announced he 's left King in order to found a new studio, Resolution Games.

Joining Swedish game veterans Martin Vilcans and Carl-Arvid Ewerbring, Resolution Games will develop a broad variety of games, including those in the virtual reality sphere.

The developer currently comprises of three people working in Stockholm, with a fourth set to join the team soon.

Crushing success

Palm broke the news in an interview with GamesBeat, saying that while he’s greatly enjoyed his three years at King – going so far as to call it “the best company I have worked at” – the bottom line is that he just “really like[s] starting companies.”

He said that King hired him to aid the company’s transition into mobile games, a task that he completed with gusto as its match-3 puzzler was only the second game to generate $1 billion in revenue.

It was just beaten to the #1 spot by GungHo's Puzzle & Dragons.

This success was also one of the key factors in King’s ability to go public with a $6 billion valuation last year - the same year that King launched the commercially successful follow-up Candy Crush Soda Saga.

Small is beautiful

However, Palm said that he’s at his best when working in small groups, leading to his decision to found Resolution, which wil be his fifth start-up.

Palm is also working with other Swedish entrepreneurs to fund Stugan, a game accelerator that will aim to help young Swedish companies grow their businesses.


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