Web 3.0 XR social startup secures $3.75 million investment

Date Type Companies involved Size
March 28th, 2022 investment $3.8m
Web 3.0 XR social startup secures $3.75 million investment

SocialFi Web 3.0 XR project, Richverse, has raised a $3.75 million seed round investment from AKG Venture, Bitcoke, Hotbit DAO, R8 Capital, 7’o clock Labs, and other institutions. Richverse’s first product, GENESIS, has received ecological recognition and Grant support from Metis DAO.

The core business sectors of the project are SocialFi, GameFi and Blockchain Game NFTs with a central focus on augmented reality and the concept of 'learn to earn' gameplay.

Genesis is a GameFi project that combines the four elements of simulation management; development, PvE & PvP gaming, and social interaction. Genesis has created NFT assets to pave the way for building a Richverse Web 3.0 social network in the future.

Find Me is a SocialFi product based on AR, 3D modelling, face recognition algorithm, and GPS technology. The Richverse community will have the opportunity to interact, connect and build on the Find me augmented reality experience, using accessible smart positioning. The journey begins with creating a customizable 3D NFT avatar. Geolocation will play an important role in helping discover relevant content.

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