Start-up Raises $2 Million For Cloud-Powered VR / AR

Date Type Companies involved Size
November 20th, 2017 investment $2m
Start-up Raises $2 Million For Cloud-Powered VR / AR

Californian tech start-up, GridRaster, has raised $2 million to progress development of its cloud-powered VR / AR solution. The funding comes from venture capital firms, including Unshackled Ventures, Lumia Capital, and NexStar Partners

GridRaster claims that its cloud computing optimization can render mobile VR and AR experiences at up to 10 times the performance compared to standalone mobile platforms. Although shifting the processing power needed to render real-time graphics from restrictive mobile hardware to the cloud offers performance advantages, it introduces latency concerns, which the Californian company is tackling with ‘edge computing’.


Platform Of Choice

Rishi Ranjan, CEO at Grid Raster said, “We have just begun to see the capabilities this technology can bring to the VR/AR space… We will work toward strengthening our development team and maturing the product for specific enterprise and customer use cases as we continue to establish GridRaster as a standard and platform of choice for cloud-powered high-end VR/AR.”

John Haddick, CTO at Osterhout Design Group, a noteable GridRaster customer said, “It is an exciting technology application for ODG smartglasses as we work with enterprise customers who want to create and collaborate in mixed reality or build immersive 3D interactive experiences. We are impressed by what their software can accomplish in a wide range of mobile environments.”

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