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Global VR Hardware Revenue Will Hit $3.6 Billion In 2017

Global VR Hardware Revenue Will Hit $3.6 Billion In 2017

Global VR hardware revenue will hit $3.6 billion in 2017, up 142% year-over-year, according to a report just released by SuperData Research. The report examines the market size and revenue of consumer VR hardware and software from 2016 and forecasts growth through to 2020. In addition, the report details the investments and revenue in augmented reality and mixed reality for the same time period.


Key Findings:

  • As headset manufacturers face fewer supply constraints than last year, hardware sales will continue to earn more than VR software until 2020.
  • VR revenue from software and services will increase by almost $1B this year. High-quality entertainment is helping VR expand its reach, making North America the fastest growing market as it reaches $403M this year.
  • 21M premium headsets will ship this year, more than tripling since 2016. 59M light mobile headsets will ship this year, compared to 84M in 2016 as consumers invest in higher-end devices.
  • Google Daydream will sell the most premium headsets in 2017, getting 6.8M devices into the hands of users. China's growing production of affordable premium mobile headsets, standalone devices and VR-compatible phones is increasing accessibility to higher-end tech.
  • Retail demos were the most popular way American consumers became interested in VR before buying. Poorly managed demos and associates with little knowledge of how the technology works creates friction for consumers, decreasing adoption and interest.
  • 45 per cent of PC headset owners have at least 10 feet by 10 feet of VR play space. Consumers who buy devices like the HTC Vive are setting aside room in order to have the most immersive experiences possible.
  • Pokémon GO earned 96 per cent of all AR software revenue in 2016. Niantic's title spurred interest in the medium and pushed online searches of ‘Augmented Reality’ to their highest level ever.
  • MR and AR will earn a combined $30.4B in 2020. MR devices like the Microsoft Hololens are not yet ready for consumers, but earnings are on track to overtake VR revenues in the long run.

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