AR automotive navigation shown by Huawei at IAA Mobility

AR automotive navigation shown by Huawei at IAA Mobility

Huawei presented its latest augmented reality head-up display (AR-HUD) solution last week at German motor show, IAA Mobility 2021. This solution turns the windscreen into a display to deliver both safety and infotainment functions, creating an all-new driving experience.

With over two decades of experience in the ICT optical field, Chinese company Huawei is developing the Intelligent Automotive Optics Solution, which includes this small device featuring large-frame UHD display. It displays dashboard information, provides AR navigation, supports safe assisted driving and optimises prompts for night vision/rain-fog conditions, as well as delivering entertainment content.

Points of interest

The AR-HUD features a 13° x 5° field of view (FOV), meaning that a 70-inch virtual image is displayed 7.5 m in front of the driver. Dashboard information is displayed at the bottom of the area, leaving the majority of the forward vision unobscured for AR navigation to overlay the road ahead. It can also accurately mark surrounding vehicles and pedestrians in dark, wet or foggy conditions for better driving safety in poor visibility.

Points of interest (POIs) can also appear on a real-scene map, offering information about parking, restaurants, shopping, cinemas and petrol stations. With more than 100 Pixels Per Degree (PPD), the full-HD display also supports video and audio experiences, including movies, video calls and games - only for the driver when stationary, we hasten to add!

Empowering industries

Kevin Huang, president of Huawei's general optical applications product line said, "Huawei AR-HUD uses an innovative optical display engine and spatial optics technologies to break the limitations of traditional media, creating a brand-new experience for safe driving.

"Next, AR-HUD will evolve to a larger frame, higher definition and naked-eye 3D to build a super vision that has never been achieved before. Huawei will continue to invest in the R&D of optical technologies to offer a wide range of optical application products for in-vehicle and other fields, empowering numerous industries with our optical capabilities."

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