How To Get Into Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco FREE!

How To Get Into Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco FREE!

THE global mobile games industry conference, Pocket Gamer Connects, returns to San Francisco on the 14th and 15th May - and you can get in without spending a single dime! That saves you up to $350 to spend on 49ers merch, a pair of Levi’s from their home town, plus a trip to Alcatraz - and with that saving, you can even afford the ticket back to shore...

As ever, the Connects conference will be packed with our trademark short, sharp seminars from 100 of the world’s leading authorities from the mobile gaming industry across 10 wall-to-wall conference tracks. With no time to waffle, they’ll get straight down to business - which is what you’ll be able to do too, networking with more than 1,000 industry professionals, publishers and investors.

And if that all sounds a bit serious, day one closes with the always entertaining powerpoint karaoke that is PechaKucha, before moving on to our infamous Global Connects party where fortunes have been made and minds have been lost.


How To Get Into Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco Free

1) Win A Ticket

Everyone that takes part in the Spring Developer Survey could win one of five free tickets to PG Connects San Francisco*. And even if you’re not one of the winners, you can still get lucky as we’ll give the first 50 responses a 20% discount. It only takes five minutes, but the survey closes this Thursday, 8th March - so don’t hang about...


2) Take Part In A Big Indie Pitch

The Indie Pitch competitions have become an institution in their own right, as independent developers pitch their projects to a panel of expert industry judges. Whether you think you can scoop the big prize, or just want some professional insight, enter here


3) Sign Up For An Indie Showcase Table

Not ready to join the fray of the Indie Pitch? Fear not, for ye may still enter the showfloor armed with your latest build with which to bedazzle all and sundry. In other words, we’re giving away some space on the expo floor to a select few indie devs - complete with free entry to the show. Sweet! Get in here.  Applications close 12th March. 


4) Be A University Student

Yep, that’s right - if you’ve already blown your budget for the semester, you may still come to the ball, Cinderella! Simply send an email with your details to [email protected]. We’re not sure if she’s the fairy godmother or wicked stepmom in this fairy tale, but we think you know how to address her...


5) Work In The Media

Want to cover the event for breaking news, feature research and in-person interviews? We’d LOVE for you to come! All we ask is that you let your audience know in advance that you’ll be there. And if you share this registration link - that's how you apply too - and encourage them to come along and meet you in person, we might even get you access to the exclusive VIP area.


6) Volunteer To Work At The Show

Putting on PG Connects takes a small army of people behind the scenes and in exchange for their time and effort, every one of them gets a free pass to the world’s leading mobile games industry event.

Whether you’re studying event management in college, just started making the tea for a start-up studio or just want to meet the people behind your favourite game, signing up as a volunteer grants you access to the hallowed hallways of Pocket Gamer Connects. You can apply here


So that’s half a dozen ways you can get into the leading mobile gaming industry event completely FOC - it’s up to you to choose which one works for you! The first closing date is this Thursday, 8th March, so why not head on over and take the Spring Developer Survey now! 


*We’ll greet you at the door with a smile and wave you across the threshold, but we’re not Bill Gates, so you’ll need to cover the cost of your own travel and accommodation. The winners will be drawn at random from all survey entrants. T&Cs apply.

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