Steel Media Launches Into The PC Games Business

Steel Media Launches Into The PC Games Business

UK-based media and events company Steel Media Ltd is this week unveiling its plans to enter the PC games industry business. Best known for its mobile games sites such as and, the number one dedicated industry portal, the company successfully launched into the VR space last year with the very site you are now reading.

And in the real world, the VR Connects conference series VR Connects, the VR Indie Pitches and the Global VR Challenge also joined the market-leading PG Connects mobile games conferences. Now Steel Media is adding a further string to its bow by entering the PC games industry with a combination of digital media portals, conference activity and supporting events.


Summer Lovin’

The brand new B2B channel, will launch at the end of July. Shortly after, Steel Media will run its first PC Indie Pitch as part of activities during Gamescom week in Cologne (August), and then roll out its first PC-related conference content with a PC track, expo, and pitch event as part of PG Connects Helsinki in September. A more complete PC Connects event, alongside PG Connects London in January 2018, will follow.


Mobile And VR, Meet PC

To execute this PC vision, the company has secured Alex Calvin, former Deputy Editor of MCV, to oversee editorial content, while senior sales manager Alex Boucher (former commercial sales manager at Develop/Intent) and Steel Media’s head of sales Lisa Bisset (formerly Babel) will manage the commercial side, all overseen by Steel Media COO Dave Bradley – who himself has considerable industry chops having previously edited PC titles, including the official Microsoft Windows magazine, whilst at Future Publishing.

"I've been a PC gamer for 25 years and it’s very exciting to be exploring that industry again,” said Bradley. “There's so much going on in the PC space at the moment, for both triple-A publishers and indie studios. From HTML5 browser games to the latest hardcore esports, not to mention the hardware scene, there's tons to talk about.

“With our VR site and events, 2017 has already seen Steel Media expand into new territories, and adding PC to our line-up feels like a natural fit. Steel Media is renowned for delivering expert B2B knowledge and utility, and with Alex Calvin on board we'll be doing the same for PC as we already do for mobile and VR. I can't wait to welcome innovative PC developers into our famous Big Indie Pitch events."


Natural Evolution

Steel Media CEO Chris James is positive about the move and points out this isn't a step away from mobile, but a natural evolution and growth. “I’m super excited to be broadening Steel Media’s reach into the PC market. In many ways the rest of the games industry has moved closer towards mobile, thanks to digital distribution, free-to-play, and games as a service,” said James.

“So whilst there are many obvious differences there is definitely common ground and plenty of learnings for both formats. Naturally this will also segue very nicely into our VR activity, which has covered mobile VR, and PC and console VR. Ultimately we hope to provide the same service to the PC industry – and to those who span PC and mobile – as we have to mobile.”


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