MasterClass: Game User Experience, Making Your Games More Fun & Profitable (Online)
Mar 11th 2021

MasterClass: Game User Experience, Making Your Games More Fun & Profitable (Online)

Online Event

Date & Times: Thursday, March 11th 2021
3pm to 6pm
Location: Online Event
Expected Size: Up to 100
Ticket Cost: 180 GBP
Target Audience: Creatives, Developers, Indie Developers, Publishers, Technical teams, Tool Providers
Event Type: Online Event
Featured Platforms: Android, Augmented Reality, Console, Handheld Console, iOS, PC, Virtual Reality, Wearables is well known for its conferences and round-tables, but the short nature of these sessions means they only scratch the surface of important subjects. For real in-depth learning, we have worked with industry experts to create the MasterClasses. They are professional half-day activities featuring tutorials and breakout groups, all accessed from your home office.

There are five sessions running in March 2021 (see below), and this session is:

‘Game User Experience: Making your games more fun and profitable’ with Jason Schklar, Founder and Chief Game & UX Consultant at UX is Fine!


You understand by now that User Experience is much more than UI. It’s not something to be slapped on at the end of the product life cycle to make it look prettier and hopefully more appealing and user friendly.

The true power of User Experience is when it is seen as a process that helps you build more fun and profitable games with less risk.

This Masterclass will provide concrete and practical information that will help you understand UX from a holistic perspective, develop your UX strategy, and use UX as a powerful tool to make both business and creative decisions with confidence.

What is the best way to charge for your game? This can be a challenge on any developer on any platform (PC, Console or Mobile) and cannot just be bolted on. A game developer needs to understand what their players value; what motivates them to invest their precious time and money; and most importantly, why they would do it again.

This is not a simple choice between Pay-upfront or Pay-in-game. We need to consider how each element of product and price design affects anticipation, expectation, as well as communicating opportunity cost and anticipation.

This Masterclass will provide a framework to make practical decisions, which can improve the commercial potential in your game. It will explore how price means more than a number, different forms of exchange, and the role of Bundles and ‘Unboxing’.

About the host
Jason Schklar has led teams and provided product, design, and UX direction both as a sought after consultant and as a studio leader at Amazon, Big Huge Games, Disney, Microsoft, and Zynga.

With David Inscore and Neil Edwards we formed UX is Fine!, a unique partnership that provides full service Game UX consulting, UI/UX design and direction, and Visual/Brand identity.

Since 2018 we’ve partnered with game developers and publishers like 2K, Epic, Jam City, Kabam, Kongregate, Scopely, and Wargaming.

The workshop will focus on three subject areas:

Part 1:

Introducing the concept of Holistic UX and how it is integral to both “finding the fun” and driving important KPI. This approach covers best practices to discover and fix the kinds of user experience issues that you want to fix before soft launch (UX research, optimising session engagement, setting retention hooks).

Part 2:

Evangelising UX as a process and NOT a product to be tacked on at the end of development. By starting early you will make better product and business decisions about your game as you move through prototype, beta, soft launch, and live cadence.

Part 3:

Developing an effective UX strategy. A disciplined approach to UX will help reduce hand waving and guessing, mitigate risk to allow for innovation while preventing scope creep, and (hopefully) teach you that there are some things you just can’t “fix in soft launch.”

Attendees will learn

• How to take a holistic approach to UX that will make your game more fun AND drive KPI.

• How to drive UX processes earlier into your product life cycle in order to improve your game and make better product and business decisions.

• How to develop a UX strategy will help focus product development, minimise “wishy washy” game design, and mitigate risk associated with innovation.

Format of teaching
This will be a highly interactive session. We’ll use Zoom as our primary platform, supported by Miro for shared whiteboards. For each subtopic we will have the following format:

20 mins presentation

20 mins group work

20 mins feedback/review

60 mins x 3 = three hours total

There will be audience participation encouraged throughout the MasterClass.

Target audience
Any level of seniority from the disciplines of Development, Design, Product, Live Ops Business Intelligence, Production etc. This workshop is suitable for game teams with any genre or platform.

Other sessions & attendee offers
There are four other sessions available in March 2021. Each MasterClass requires a separate ticket, although multiple bookings are encouraged and come with a discount:

Tuesday, March 9th (10am-1pm)

Understanding The Market Through External Data & Tools, with Max Samorukov

Tuesday, March 9th (3pm-6pm)

Collecting and Using Data - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, with Brett Bauer

Wednesday, March 10th (10am-1pm)

How (and When) To Save a Failed Game, with Oscar Clark

Wednesday, March 10th (2pm - 5pm)

Game Economy Design & Optimisation, with Nick Murray

Individual multi-buy discount: book for three & get fourth free (so, book for all four MasterClasses and get one of them free).

Corporate discount: a group of six or more from one company can get 30% off if booked together.

To take advantage of multi-buy or group discounts, please email [email protected] to discuss your bespoke package.


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