Portico Studios Raises $600,000 For VR Staff Training Solution

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September 28th, 2017 investment $0.6m
Portico Studios Raises $600,000 For VR Staff Training Solution

Portico Studios has closed a seed round of funding, bringing total investment to nearly $600,000, which will allow the company to launch its evolution in employee training and development – a VR-based simulation that incorporates voice-recognition and proprietary AI technology.

The customisable VR performance training system delivers measurable, data-rich results captured by Portico’s analytic engine – and aimed at creating quantifiable, lasting improvement in employees at all levels. The company will show its tool at the upcoming HR Technology Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas next month.


People Learn Best

Franklin Alioto and Jeff Meador founded Portico Studios in 2016 to build on decades of experience in interactive content and enterprise solutions. The company is now expanding its group of formal advisers to include Darrell Rodriguez, former CEO of CastAR and president of LucasArts, joining Dave Shreiner, director of VR at Unity Labs.

Alioto said, “People learn best in immersive, engaging environments that provide real-time feedback and allow them to be active participants. Our VR technology solution lets employees see exactly how adjusting their behavior improves outcomes, and offers a training experience unlike any other.”

Meador added, “Virtual Reality training can lead to increased employee confidence and productivity, which brings about improvements that can be monitored, tracked and analysed. We’re at the forefront of technology that improves performance while engaging employees in a fun, exciting way they’ve never experienced before.”


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