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Week That Was, 9th December

Week That Was, 9th December

Welcome to the Week That Was on TheVirtualReport.Biz, where we bring you the highlights, biggest news and hottest topics from the world of VR, AR and MR business in the last seven days.


As our Countdown To Christmas: 25 VR Developers To Watch advent calendar continues, we’ve added a top dev that you should check out to the list every day. Oculus Touch finally launched and we came over all Windows this week, thanks to the WinHEC event from Shenzen, China as they pointed out the advantages they have over other VR formats that also use their platform. How will HTC and Oculus respond? Watch this space...


Top Stories

Sign Up For Microsoft VR Dev Kit

Microsoft opens online survey for VR content producers, announces dev kit release date.

HTC Launches Vive Studios

New VR development and publishing model to make VR the next mass medium, debuts with Arcade Saga.

Will Windows Crowd Out The Competition?

Microsoft reveals its plans to explore VR advantages their OS offers beyond Oculus and HTC 'apps'.

WinHEC Event Promises To Make MR Mainstream

Microsoft reveals plans for reducing the price of VR hardware for consumers.



Microsoft Partners 3Glasses

Chinese manufacturer to produce high spec Microsoft VR headset.

Oculus Touch Launches With 53 Titles

Oculus Touch launches today; we list every title you can try right now.

Pub Too Small For Pool? Play It In VR!

Vive spots a Tweet from a London pub complaining there isn't enough room for a pool table, lends them a VR set-up.

Star Wars VR Experience With ODEON

Walt Disney Studios and RealD showcase Rogue One: A Star Wars Story at cinemas around the UK.

VR & AR Trends Survey

Take part in the first ever VR & AR Trends Survey for your chance to win a FREE ticket to VR Connects London 2017, or a 25 per cent discount. ENDS MONDAY!


Special Feature

Countdown To Christmas: 25 VR Developers To Watch

In the finest Christmas tradition, join us every day as we share our advent calendar of the 25 VR developers to watch...



Focal Point: Is HoloLens Ground Zero For MR?

Our panel of industry experts on whether the release of Microsoft’s HoloLens marks the beginning of AR’s ascent.


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