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Week That Was: 24th March

Week That Was: 24th March

Welcome to the Week That Was on, where we bring you the highlights, biggest news and hottest topics from the world of VR, AR and MR business in the last seven days.


Top Stories

First Speakers Announced For VR Connects San Francisco 2017

Google, gumi, Digi-Capital, Otherside, Subdream, vTime, Steampunk, Game Cooks and more confirmed for 27th-28th June conference.

Sony Reveals 5 New PS VR Games From China

China Hero Project reveal trailer showcases 10 new games from Chinese indies and start-ups.



SPACES Adds Entertainment And Theme Park Veterans To Advisory Board

DreamWorks Animation Executive and
 Disney Imagineering VP advance VR firm’s global growth in parks and attractions.

Student Develops VR Tech To Help People Who Stutter 

An MSc student who has stuttered since the age of six is using VR to help rehabilitate people with speech impediments.

Caught On The Web: VR Roundup

AR improving work; Robo Recall; iPhone 8 and AR; Alibaba’s AR car; all-in-one VR next year; treating PTSD; Thorpe Park; Tracker cat.


Interviews And Opinion 

Interview: VR Is Levelling The Playing Field

Enrique Fuentes from indie Colombian studio Teravision explains why they are investing heavily in VR title Neon Fury.


Data & Research 

Global AR/VR Hardware To Reach 99.4 Million Units in 2021

New report forecasts market growth at a Compound Annual Rate of 58%.



Focal Point: Blink And You Miss It?

Is the teleport mechanic VR’s silver bullet to the problem of motion sickness, or do developers have a duty to offer a more in-depth locomotion system?


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