Sony Reveals 5 New PS VR Games From China

Sony Reveals 5 New PS VR Games From China

Sony has revealed 10 new games by Chinese developers that are coming to PlayStation 4 – half of which have been developed for PS VR. Grouped together under Sony’s China Hero Project, the initiative is intended to support the development industry in the country. The project is supported by partners such as Epic Games, CRI Middleware, Hearts United Group, Silicon Studio, and Unity Technologies.


China Hero Project – PS VR Games Revealed:

Title: Project Boundary

Developer: Studio Surgical Scalpels 

A multiple FPS title in the zero gravity space environment.


Title: The X Animal

Developer: Internet Stars 

A VR casual game; entirely [using] the depth of the space which VR technology can offer.


Title: The Walker

Developer: Haymaker 

An immersive experience to make users believe they are entering a real world, more than just playing a game.


Title: PervaderVR

Developer: Light & Digital 

Not just a remarkable storytelling, but also transmit the experience of vivid emotions.


Title: Kill X

Developer: VIVAGAMES 

A game full of action shooting adventure and mysteries.


China Hero Project – PS4 Games Revealed:


PlayStation China Hero Project Reveal Trailer: 


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