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Week That Was

Week That Was

Welcome to the Week That Was on TheVirtualReport.Biz, where we bring you the highlights, biggest news and hottest topics from the world of VR, AR and MR business in the last seven days.


This week had a distincly American feel to it, due to Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday deals, as well as catching up on the US Senate's special hearing on AR. From the West to the East, we've also seen HTC and Shenzen set up a $1.5bn China VR Research Institute. But our highlight of the week has to be our in-depth interview with British development studio, Opposable Games, as they release Salvaged to Early Access on Steam.


Top Stories

VR Connects London 2017 Black Friday Deal

Get your ticket during our Black Friday Deal for a 30 per cent discount off the price!

US Senate Hearing On The Future Of AR

AR’s transition into the mainstream is getting closer, as US senate holds a hearing to discuss the future and potential impact of the technology.

Try It Out And See Where It Goes...

With their latest game released on early access last week, we speak to Opposable Games about balancing business strands and three long years bringing Salvaged to Steam.

Microsoft Details Specs Required For New VR HMDs

Microsoft’s VR HMDs won’t be too hard on your hardware.



Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals for Vive (Update)

Black Friday will be a good chance to buy an HTC Vive, with $100 off from all retailers as well as Viveport app store deals running throughout the weekend.

Daydream-ready Phone Minimum Requirements Revealed

The latest Compatibility Definition Document for Android specifies the requirements for ‘Daydream-ready’ phones.

HoloLens Begins Shipping To UK Customers Next Week

Microsoft’s MR HMD will begin shipping to the UK on November 30th.

HTC And Shenzhen Municipal Government Set Up $1.45 Billion VR Investment Fund

China’s VR industry to be strengthened as HTC and Shenzhen Municipal Government set up $1.45b China VR Research Institute.

VR In A Bar Is Back This December

Have a drink, try out some VR and network at Virtual Umbrella’s VR in a Bar.

Steam Announces OSVR Support

Valve strengthens efforts for universal access to VR with OSVR support announcement.

Xbox One Game Streaming Coming To Oculus Rift

The long-since promised function that turns Oculus Rift into a VR monitor for Xbox One is arriving on December 12th.

Volkswagen Puts AR In New Car

‘ID’ production electric car will feature an AR dashboard using an Augmented HUD by 2020.

Spectacles: More Than Just A Fashion Statement

Social media company turns into a camera company and targets AR for its future.


Interviews & Opinion

VR And AR Social Casinos

Flush with the success of Pokerist, Daniel Kashti considers the potential for social casinos in a virtual world.


Data & Research

Two Thirds Of Consumers See Value In AR

A new report shows that US consumers are enthusiastic for AR, but IT professionals are more cautious.



Focal Point: Reasons To Be Thankful 

Ahead of Thanksgiving Day, our industry panel of experts share the things that make them thankful about VR.



IMAX Completes First Phase of $50 Million VR Fund

Large-format film company IMAX plans to bring higher-quality VR content to all VR platforms, IMAX VR centres in US and UK to follow.


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