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Technical Designer

Designer - Development - Stockholm, Sweden

Job Title Technical Designer
Job Description

We are a global team of creators, storytellers, technologists, experience originators, innovators and so much more. We believe amazing games and experiences start with teams as diverse as the players and communities we serve. At Electronic Arts, the only limit is your imagination.

We are DICE, the award-winning studio with locations in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden, best known for creating the phenomenally successful Battlefield franchise.

We are now part of a set of global studios building a connected Battlefield universe, focused on Battlefield’s one-of-a-kind multiplayer suite, with teams also part of the development of a single-player narrative campaign.

We strongly believe our people are the backbone and driving force to our creative products, and are always looking for diverse game creators to join us in Stockholm, Gothenburg or working remotely, to help us build the best Battlefield experiences and make our studio the best in the industry.

As a Technical Designer - Hardware Development (Gadgets and Weapons), you will be instrumental in shaping the technical facets of gadget and weapon development for the upcoming Battlefield game. Working closely with engineers and designers, your role will be pivotal in ensuring the highest quality and immersive gameplay experience. You will be guided by the Lead Designers and Producers and will report to the Studio Technical Design Director.


  • Partner with designers and engineers to develop, implement, and refine, gadgets,weapons, and their supporting systems.
  • Leverage your technical skills to create and maintain gameplay systems associated with hardware development, ensuring fluid and seamless interactions.
  • Implement and support gadget and weapon mechanics and behaviors while considering balance, usability, and player feedback.
  • Identify and resolve technical problems related to hardware development, ensuring peak performance and functionality.
  • Regularly playtest and iterate on gadgets and weapons, collecting feedback, and making improvements based on discussions with the design team.


  • A deep understanding of game design principles, mechanics, and systems.
  • Expertise in scripting languages, game engines, and development tools.
  • Proficiency in visual scripting, such as Unreal Blueprints or Frostbite.
  • A robust understanding of gameplay systems and mechanics related to gadgets and weapons.
  • Exceptional teamwork and communication skills to collaborate effectively with different stakeholders, including programmers, artists, and fellow designers.
  • You should be able to clearly articulate design concepts, give and receive constructive feedback, and work collectively towards the common goal of crafting an exceptional game experience for players.
  • Strong problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.
  • Previous experience in the AAA games industry and a track record of shipping AAA games.


Sector Development
Category Designer
Level Mid-Level
Contract Type Permanent
Hours Full Time
Salary Not stated
Date Posted 3 June 2024
Reference 182875
Recruiter Electronic Arts
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