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Sr. Systems Designer, Economy

- Game Design - Remote Options , United States of America

Job Title Sr. Systems Designer, Economy
Job Description

Mythical Games is a Venture-backed game technology company powering the next generation of players, games, and studios. Our goal is to launch exceptional video games that leverage distributed ledger tech while also providing a platform that will allow other game developers to do the same.

At Mythical Games, we are proud of our ‘People First’ culture. We believe that it takes great people and culture to make great products. By treating each other with empathy and respect, we’re able to live fulfilling lives outside of our jobs while also creating exceptional work.

We are looking for a top-notch Sr. Systems Designer, Economy, with experience building F2P game economies. This Senior-level position will implement and tune the in-game economy while optimizing the user experience. You will utilize methodologies of economics, behavioral psychology, and business intelligence to strategically design and maintain a healthy play-to-earn game economy. The economic systems you will build and manage are core to game progression, reward payouts, and overall game economy balance.


  • Deliver system design specs based on the game vision as set by the Lead Designer and Product Owners.
  • Model, simulate and tune the game's economy with multiple currencies, progression systems, sinks, and sources.
  • Manage the presentation, communication, designs, and robust documentation of systems and economic tunings. Taking system designs from one-page concepts to live management.
  • Knows all of the nitty-gritty details of their systems, bringing anyone up to speed and ensuring no fine points are missed.
  • Coordinates with BI to analyze the many facets of the game economy; to optimize, iterate, and tune features and systems that they are responsible for.
  • Keep up to date with market trends and do proactive analysis of economy tuning in relevant competitive products.


  • 4+ years of game industry experience. 2+ years of experience designing F2P economic systems.
  • 2+ years of experience with Unity.
  • At least one F2P game shipped as a System Designer or similar role.
  • High proficiency with Excel, Google Apps, Confluence, and JIRA.
  • Ability to model and simulate planned changes, overall sinks, and sources while anticipating downstream effects with post-launch analysis to ensure expected outcomes are reached.
  • Ability to reference and dissect mechanics, systems, and other elements from other F2P games.
  • Proven record of creative problem solving; knows how to take systems from other games and translate examples into a solution for your project.
  • Must be experienced with live data and understand how KPIs translate into design solutions.


Sector Game Design
Contract Type Permanent
Hours Full Time
Salary DOE
Date Posted 9 May 2022
Recruiter Mythical Games
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