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Lead Unity Developer

Developer - Development - Vancouver, Canada

Job Title Lead Unity Developer
Job Description

We’re Ludare Games Group, a game studio and publisher located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, Canada. We’re forming a team to create a new indie RPG game for PCs and consoles.

We’re looking to add a solid game developer experienced with the Unity game engine and C# who has also provided technical leadership on a past game project.

The team is lean-and-mean. So you’ll need to be a Unity generalist, able to develop all areas of the game like AI, animation, game mechanics, lighting, particle systems, physics, rendering, UI, VFX, etc. And you may need to help create tools (probably using C#) to help improve team workflows.

Is this you? Are you ready to collaborate with the team’s game designers, artists, and other Unity developers to build the next great indie game? If the answer is yes, please apply!


  • Lead the technical side of the project, including the technical direction and task planning.
  • Work effectively with the other project leads in game design and art.
  • Quickly prototype and iterate on proposed ideas in the Unity Editor and C#.
  • Translate successful prototypes into production-grade features.
  • Collaborate effectively with the multidisciplinary game team of designers, artists, and other Unity developers.
  • Develop in-Editor or external tools to improve team workflows.
  • Debug and tune the game to play well across the range of PCs and consoles.
  • Manage and mentor more junior members of the team.


  • Background in PC game development (4+ years).
  • Previously led other developers on a project.
  • Experienced with the Unity game engine and C#.
  • Know when to use the Unity Editor, when to code in C#, and when to grab an asset from the Unity Asset Store.
  • Kept up with the latest Unity versions and features (e.g., 2020 LTS, URP, Cinemachine, etc.).
  • Familiar with other game development tools (e.g. Blender, Photoshop, etc.).
  • Experienced with Git, Git LFS, and GitHub.
  • Experienced working on game teams and to a schedule.
  • Driven to learn and improve your game development skills.
  • Respond well to feedback, iterating and improving your work.
  • A problem-solver who doesn’t stop at the first sign of trouble.
  • An avid PC and console gamer!


  • Background in console development.
  • Shipped games on PC or console.
  • Experienced with game design, level design, art, animation, audio, or anything else on the design/content-creation side of game development.
  • Experienced managing game teams.
  • Experience in developing an RPG game.

Job Types:



Lead Unity Developer (PC/Console): 4+ years

Salary Range:

$70,000-$100,000 CAD


Downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada
In-person 2 days a week in the office, remote during the rest of the week

Sector Development
Category Developer
Level Team Lead
Contract Type Permanent
Hours Full Time
Salary $70,000-$100,000 CAD
Date Posted 20 September 2021
Contact Ludare
Email [email protected]
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